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Academic Goals

Sunset Canyon Elementary School is a Core Knowledge school that offers many different teaching and learning styles to individualize student learning. We believe that all students are on a pathway to excellence and have the right to a quality education. We are honored to provide the educational learning environment needed to achieve this.

In addition to Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards (ACCRS), the following expectations are in place:

  • A balanced approach to teaching reading is evidence in all classrooms.  A comprehensive program with direct systematic teaching of phonics and other reading strategies will support a rich environment of literature and other types of ACCRS support materials. 

  • Reading and writing are seen as complementary processes.  The writing process, from its discussion of ideas, through rough draft, revision, editing, and publishing the final draft, will be in evidence in all classrooms.  Self-expression through published writing will be a vital part of our learning program.

  • All children are viewed as valued, capable learners.  Grade-level teams work together to develop strategies to make sure all children achieve to their full potential.

  • Arizona Academic Standards and the district scope and sequence are combined with ACCRS.  Staff members work as a team to communicate grade-level expectations. Collaboration occurs among grade-levels.

  • Parents are essential in the success of students and are considered partners on our educational team.  Teachers communicate frequently, positively, and informatively with the parent community.

  • Technology is used extensively to deliver curriculum to students in a meaningful way.  Use of the Internet is an integral part of student and staff research.

  • Teachers promote problem solving and strategic thinking, as well as strong computation skills in all students.  Goals of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics are combined with ACCRS to provide a foundation for math instruction.

  • The citizenship program used at Sunset Canyon is the Make Your Day Citizenship Program.

Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS)

Preparing Arizona students for college, career, and life

Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards give Arizona students the skills they need to be successful in life.  Simply put, they are a set of expectations placed on students to ensure that when they leave the classroom they are prepared to become informed, productive members of their community.  Upon graduation, these students will be ready to not only compete in a competitive job market, but to excel. 

Arizona education standards have long been adopted by the Arizona State Board of Education to ensure every child in our great state has the skills to move through our school system.

These new standards, Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards, were adopted in 2010 after extensive public comment and public meetings by the Arizona State Board of Education. Schools began implementing the standards during the 2013 school year.

Across the state, Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards are being implemented to ensure that all students have the academic knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college, career and life.  These standards significantly raise the bar for our students, and focus on critical thinking, problem solving, and effect communication skills.  However, when it comes to improving educational outcomes, there are no substitutes for quality curriculum, effective teachers, efficient administrative leadership, and engaged parents.

"Simply put, 'College and career readiness' is the umbrella under which many education and workforce policies, programs and initiatives thrive." (Achieve, Inc., 2012) 

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